Al-Yamama Solar Project

The aim of the projects is to improve access to water in areas recently liberated from IS that are designed to support the reintegration of returnees and IDPs by providing and installing a complete solar energy system to secure a sustainable source of electrical power required to operate the water station.

Project Duration

35 Days  |  from November 2021 to December 2021

The project aims to

  1. Operate Yamama water station by 3 kinds of electrical power (main electrical power – generator – solar power).
  2.  Establish water user associate WUA to operate and maintain the water station.

The main activities of the project

  1. Leveling of the allocated land for installing solar panels.
  2. Installation of a metal fence with a metal gate for the solar panel’s area.
  3. Installation of metal bases for solar panels.
  4. Installation of 300 solar panels with a capacity of 405 watts per panel.
  5. Providing an inverter 120 kW to operate two horizontal water pumps through solar power panels.
  6. Light maintenance of the station building, mechanical and electrical equipment within the water station.
  7. establish water user committee.
  8. Water user committee training

The Project Media

The Project Statistics and Impacts

The total number of beneficiaries is:


in three villages as follows:
– Yamama village: 3120
– Al-Sharah village: 1020
– Al-Amer village: 720

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