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Amal TVET center | Increase access to job opportunities through the provision of TVET – Amal Organization | Iraq

Amal TVET center | Increase access to job opportunities through the provision of TVET

Amal has conducted eleven training courses for the youth beneficiaries to empower the men and women through the training to get new job opportunities. During the training courses at the Al-Hayat center, the beneficiary acquired learning a career through theoretical and practical training at the center and became ready to secure a job in the market and increase his family’s income. 

Amal team has visited the trainees as a following up process, where many trainees (Males and females) have got new jobs after completing the training courses in the TVET center. 

Project Duration

6 months  |  from July 2021 to December 2021

The project aims to

Equipped the TVET center to provide training courses to get job opportunities 

Female households empowered and help them to get job opportunities  

Income of targeted beneficiaries increased as a result of the jobs created/obtained through vocational trainings 

The main activities of the project

  1. Training centre rental.
  2. Centre preparing.
  3. Trainers and facilitators hiring.
  4. Trainees’ selection.
  5. Conduct the training through two phases:
  6. Hairdressing for males, Mobile phone maintenance, Graphic Design, Computer software, and Car electricity maintenance.
  7.  Carpentry, Plumbing, Home electrical maintenance, electronic device maintenance, Computer hardware, project management for male, and project management for female.
  8. Distribution of the certificates and transportation costs.
  9. Final ceremony.

The Project Media

The Project Statistics and Impacts

The total number of beneficiaries is:

Direct: 124
Indirect(beneficiaries’ family): 620

as follows:
– Women: 35
– Men: 89
– IDPs: 16

– Host: 46

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