Building resilience: increasing children's and caregivers resilience through protection psychosocial

1- CFS established that meets minimum safety criteria.
2- Two committees were established to take the supporter role of children’s activities support and link them to other services.
3- Child protection activities:
3.1 Unstructured awareness-raising sessions for children, caregivers, and community members (Members of local councils – local authorities – caregivers – Prominent members of society) in both centers about the most important/needed topics in the area (COVID-19, Child rights, Child safeguarding, PSEA.
3.2 Specialized case management services for children at-risk, Referral and in- kind support.
3.3 Updating the area services map and continuing coordinating with the Education and medical facilities and other active humanitarian Org to ensure effective coordination and facilitate the referral process for children.
4- Structured PSS activities for all age groups of children.

Project Duration

15 months  |  from February 2021 to May 2022

The project aims to

  1. improving the quality of community-based child protection services through behavior modification and awareness-raising of child concerns and psychosocial support activities.
  2. Enhancing access to specialized services (case management) for child survivors of exploitation, neglect and abuse, including child labor, separated and unaccompanied children and survivors of gender-based violence).

The main activities of the project

  1. CM: In-kind support, CM and Referral.
  2. PSS: SRA, L.F, I Deal, ECP, GBV, Win Win and she Deal.
  3. Awareness raising sessions: topics( CR, CSG, COVID-19, PSEA).
  4. Establish 2 CFS.
  5. Establish 2 community committees.
  6. Recreational activities.

The Project Media

The Project Statistics and Impacts

Children’s and caregivers’ resilience increased through protection, psychosocial support and education programs for vulnerable populations, thereby reducing negative coping mechanism such as recruitment and radicalization.

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