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Fast Aid Emergency Response Project – Amal Organization | Iraq

Fast Aid Emergency Response Project

The crisis has displaced thousands of families including children, elderlies, and women. The majority of humanitarian aid was allocated because of the enormous emerging needs, including WASH needs since families have to pay high costs for water combined with insufficient water tanks and supplies to cover all population needs.

Amal has full access to the targeted location through its office and has a qualified team that assessed all risks on the ground and has put a mitigation plan, which has been distributed food kits and 1250 litter of water for 230 families.

Project Duration

2 months  |  from February 2022 to Aprli 2022

The project aims to

The target population’s survival and immediate needs were met through the provision of essential emergency relief, food, and sanitation.

The main activities of the project

  1.  PFA + SIR for the volunteers and staff
  2. Beneficiaries’ registration and verification.
  3. Distribution of Food Kits.
  4. Distribution water tracking.

The Project Media

The Project Statistics and Impacts

The total number of beneficiaries is:


Total of Families:  230

as follows:
– IDPs: 4%
– Resident: 79%
– Returnees: 17%

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