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Project Management for Development Professionals Training for project ER-IRQ23.01

Requesting Department:                                           Amal Erbil program

Consultancy period:                                                    16 July 2023

1.      Background

Amal Organization for Relief and Development organizations a Syrian non-profit NGO. The organization was established at the beginning of 2013 in the northern organization of Homs. On 06.06.2014 the organization was officially registered in Turkey, Gaziantep under registration number /22063-2014/ and was registered in Erbil, Iraq on 13/12/2020 under registration number 5186. Amal is registered in NES, under the name “Al-Amal for Coexistence Organization for Relief and Development”.

Amal Organization was established by individuals who sought to unite efforts and promote collective actions for the benefit of civil society in Syria as a whole, sought to improve the human reality in Syria, and sought to implement development projects with a high level of professionality through the extensive experience in managing relief and development projects in conflict areas, and identifying the core needs in each region, Amal Organization continually increasing its ability to intervene and manage it’s projects properly, through technical and administrative experience, and good coordination with all stakeholders within the region, and providing them with the required support, resources, consultations, and follow-up to ensure the maximum benefit of the implemented projects, whether in terms of quality or the number of benefiting communities

Through the integration of four sectors (i.e., FSL, NFI, WASH, and Protection), Amal is working to alleviate the suffering of the Syrian people, especially females and children. In each field office, Amal has the necessary logistics, finance, M&E, and media teams to support the outputs of each project. In addition to all of this, Amal has support team based in both, the NES and the country office to ensure that the projects are managed in accordance with donor compliance and the partner rules and regulations.

To achieve the ongoing project (ER-IRQ23.01) target, Amal has selected the Management for Development Professionals Guide (Project DPro / PMD Pro) level 1 to be provided to 25 students from Zakho university.

Hence, Amal is looking for a qualified and experienced consultant that can deliver high-quality offline Guide (Project DPro / PMD Pro) level 1 up to 25 students from Zakho university with Amal staff in accordance with the terms outlined below.

2.      Objective

To deliver high-quality participatory offline training on Project Management for Development Professionals (Project DPro) (PMD Pro), for up to 35 participants.

3.      Timeframe

All activities will need to start no later than 10 business days after signing of the service contract.  Preference will be made to vendors who are able to start courses as soon as possible. Training should be completed within 40 training hours, preferably five full working days.

4.      Location

All trainings will need to be delivered physically. The contracted consultant/entity will be responsible for ensuring that the training platform is effective, user friendly and encourages participation of participants, to insure high-quality offline training sessions for participants that are located in Zakho university.

5.      Scope of Work (Expected Output and Performance Indicators from Vendor)

5.1 Provide training in the following specific training areas: 

  • Purpose of the Project Cycle Management (PCM) approach and how to use it to design and implement projects
  • Overview of main phases of project cycle management (e.g. needs assessment, Planning and programming, resource mobilisation implementation and monitoring, project evaluation)
  • Appropriate needs assessment methodologies and data collection tools, according to the context
  • Description of the main considerations for designing humanitarian programmes and projects (with particular focus on protection and livelihood sectors) and main tools to use at the project planning stage (e.g. stake holder analysis, research on baseline information, problem and objective Trees)
  • Building a logical framework to link the different stages and put all the main elements into a simple plan
  • Action planning and project implementation stage
  • Designing a monitoring and evaluation framework for the project, selecting the appropriate tools and indicators
  • Choosing relevant criteria in order to develop objectives for an end of project evaluation
  • Organizing work to make participants more effective at managing projects
  • Articulating what is in project scope, what is out of scope, and why
  • Planning effectively and developing an accurate schedule to manage projects
  • Defining roles and responsibilities for project team
  • Controlling the project to deliver on time, on budget, and in scope.
  • Decision making, and management tools that make an efficient and affective decision-making process.


5.2 Course time will be scheduled based on participants’ preferences.

5.3 Trainings have to be delivered and completed within the service contract timeframe, under three one month.

5.4 Provide the training on-site.

5.5 provide recordings of the training sessions to Amal and participants.

5.6 Deliver quality offline PMD Pro 1 training to a targeted number of up to 35 participants, focused on effective transfer of knowledge and skills. Vendor to implement recommendations for improvements and taken corrective action when requested, based on Amal’s regular monitoring and quality oversight activities.

5.7 service provider must share with the training materials, handouts, and any other

5.8 Prepare Pre/Post-test and share it with Amal to measure the level of improvement in relation to the training topics.

5.9 Report on activities, achievements and challenges regarding the implementation of training sessions (also see section on Reporting further below).

5.10 Ensuring that all activities listed above are carried out in accordance with applicable laws and relevant Iraq legislation.

5.11 Ensuring Amal Code of Conduct is observed during implementation of the trainings.

               5.12The training course should be based on a series of modules, which can be adapted to the               requirements of the course participants. The emphasis is put on practice and exercises and should include:

–  Group-work –  Brainstorming –  Questions and answers –  Role play – presentations

6.      Reporting and Monitoring


6.1 The selected vendor shall facilitate access to training venues and the vendor’s premises for regular and ad-hoc monitoring visits and quality oversight activities including direct observation of training sessions and review of documents and interviews with training participants.

6.2 The selected vendor shall inform Amal promptly of any incidents that pose serious risk of harm to participants of the trainings, violation of code of conduct, any unresolved complaints.

6.3 the selected vendor shall provide Amal with pre-post tests, final narrative report, pictures and all training documentations.

7.      Type of Supervision and support to be provided by Amal

7.1 Identify and provide list of participants.

7.2 Ensure financial resources are provided to the selected vendor in accordance with the budget and payment terms & schedule as agreed upon in the service agreement.

7.3 Conduct regular monitoring and quality oversight of training activities and support vendor with recommendations.

7.4 Ensuring that all activities listed above are carried out in accordance with applicable laws and relevant Iraq legislation.

7.5 Provide attendance certificate to all participants who successfully complete their training course.

8.      Required Qualifications and Experience and Documents to be submitted: 

Interested vendors are required to demonstrate, document and submit the following:

8.1 expression of interest to provide the training service, shared by email.

8.2 A summary of relevant experience and track-record in the field of certified training with specific reference to the scope of work outlined above.

Interested candidates or service company providing shall send their CVs and cover letters to the below email with the subject title  “PMD Trainer” no later than July 05, 2023

[email protected]

Applications sent beyond that date will not be considered.

CVs in formats other than PDF and Word will be disregarded.


Note: The training is scheduled to start from date to date 24,25,26,27. of July 2023 in “Zakho” University.

The official language and agenda of the training is the English language exclusively

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