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Rehabilitation of Al-Jazzra water station – Amal Organization | Iraq

Rehabilitation of Al-Jazzra water station

Amal is aiming at servicing Jazra water station and preparing it for work to deliver quality-controlled, and sufficient amount of water to cover their essential needs of drinking water and hygiene, considering the recommendation of WHO regarding the minimum amount (35-40 liters) of water as daily share per capita which is essential to cover the hygiene needs to response to COVID 19 in the water sector in the northeast Syria. 

This intervention aims to enable the community participation in managing natural resource (water) by establishing a water users association (WUA). The WUA will consist of 7 members, of which 2 are supposed to be women and 2 have the technical knowledge to ensure the engineering side of the system. None of the 7 will have connections to local authorities. 

Project Duration

3 months  |  from March 2022 to Jun 2022

The project aims to

  1. Servicing of the leaching well.
  2. Servicing the water station building.
  3. Provide and install vertical water pumps with capacity of 500[m³/h].
  4. Provide and install water disinfection system in the water station to deliver safe water to the population.
  5. Provide and install all necessary mechanical and electrical equipment within the water station and preparing it for work.
  6. Provide and install an electricity transmission line from the network to the station site with a length of 1000 meters.
  7. Provide and install an electrical transformer with a capacity of 400 Kva to supply the station with electricity from the network.
  8. Provide and install polyethylene pump line to connect the water station with Al-Jazra water network.
  9. Establishing a local water association consisting of representatives from each neighborhood which will receive the final ownership and management right of the station and activating the cost recovery mechanism.
  10. Supporting the operation cost during the trial period, in parallel with activating the fees collection by the established water association.

The main activities of the project

  1. Rehabilitate Al-Jazzra water station.
  2. Establish water user associated to be responsible for operating and maintaining, collecting fees from families for operation and maintenance.

The Project Media

The Project Statistics and Impacts

The total number of beneficiaries is:


 women:  9,360

men:  8,580

children:  21,060

IDP’s: 1,950 families

Host: 4,550 families 

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