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Rehabilitation of Al-Kishkieh water station – Amal Organization | Iraq

Rehabilitation of Al-Kishkieh water station

The project aims to provide the population of Kishkiyeh, a community of 70,000 located in Abu Kamal district in the eastern countryside of Deir-ez-Zor, with quality-controlled and sufficient drinking water to cover for their essential needs of drinking water and hygiene, considering the recommendation of the World Health Organization, setting the minimum daily amount of water for 30-40 daily share per capita. In addition, improved water supply will enable the target population to apply basic hygiene precautions in the context of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover. Overall, the measure will contribute to a general improvement of the living conditions of the population of Kishkiyeh if successfully implemented, as it will take away from them the financial and logistical burden of using water trucking services.

This intervention aims to enable community participation in managing the natural resources (water) by establishing a water users association (WUA). The WUA will consist of 9 members, of which 2 are supposed to be women and 2 have the technical knowledge to ensure the engineering side of the system. None of the 9 will have connections to local authorities. 

Project Duration

3 months  |  from March 2022 to Jun 2022

The project aims to

  1. Providing and installation of two raw water pumps with the suction line from the river and discharge line with all accessories.
  2. Providing and installing five iron water filters with all the accessories.
  3. Providing and installation of air compressor (for the backwash of filters).
  4. Providing and installation of purification and sterilization system.
  5. Providing and installation of drinking water tank volume 40 m³.
  6. Providing and installation of two drinking water pump 160 m³/h flow, 75 m left.
  7. Providing and installation of Generator set 250 KVA.
  8. Providing and installation of polyethylene pumping line 250 mm, length 4050 m.
  9. Providing and installation of  all the supplying electrical network lines with electrical circuit breakers and transformer 200 KVA.
  10. Servicing work for the water station building.
  11. Servicing work for the high water tanks.
  12. Supporting the operation cost during the trial period.
  13. Forming of a local water association consisting of representatives from each neighborhood, that will receive the final ownership and management right of the station and can pursue cost recovery.

The main activities of the project


  1. Rehabilitate Al-Kishkieh water station.
  2. 2- Establish water user associate to be responsible about operate and maintain, collecting fees from families for operation and maintenance.

The Project Media

The Project Statistics and Impacts

The total number of beneficiaries is:


 women:  21,000

men:  15,400

children:  33,600

IDP’s: 4,100 families

Host: 7,550 families 

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